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Opening the Bar Part 3: Just Snap It


Opening the Bar Part 3: Just Snap It

It was winter break my sophomore year in college when I first learned about Instagram. Not surprisingly, it was my now-super-successful-in-design/PR-ish-I-don’t-understand-friend who, on that bitter December evening over a bottle of wine in one of our parent’s house, exclaimed, “guys, you’ve gotta try Instagram, it’s so fun to filter!” Of course, this was before any of us considered filter a verb, so we were lykeee totes ‘wow-ed’ at this new app. Side note here, I’m a photography-wannabe and admittedly that girl that (i) decided photography was my new passion when I entered college and (ii) I needed an expensive camera only to wind up taking one or two photo classes and (iii) ultimately decided that I’m not hipster enough to carry my camera everywhere …so it was a total waste. So obvi, the ability to filter on an iphone was right up my alley and by the end of the night I had at least five instas.

I was so cool.

Except for the fact that I had no idea Instagram was anything social media related. Said alternatively, it didn’t register in my social-media-challenged-brain that each photo I filtered, would wind up on my profile, and more importantly, someone else’s feed. Basically, I was filtering every photo I took on that poor iphone 4S. No caption necessary!

So my point in this lovely trip down memory lane, is that my social media skills haven’t changed (or improved) a bit. In fact, I personally haven’t figured out how to ‘pin’ ‘tweet’ or ‘snap’ anything despite my filtering skilz.

This is a serious problem if one is planning on opening a bar. Besides Yelp, these social media tools are the most important component of a fledgling business’ marketing campaign whether you’re a restaurant, bar, presidential candidate, tech startup, or hedge fund (ok, not so much on the regulated financial institutions front, but you get the gist). And besides, restaurants and bars have a huge advantage re: visual media …hello #foodporn!

Until now, I’ve pretty much told everyone that I’m proud of myself for boycotting snapchat all of these years. Buttttt, let’s be honest, I’m more so just justifying my serious lack of social media presence (cool-ness), right? At some point, it became easier to say “oh I don’t do snapchat” than, “oh, can you show me how?”

So now I find myself a casual 8-years-too-late, attempting to learn snapchat. Luckily I have two younger brothers in prime snapchat age (16 and 23), both of which claim to have “epic stories” on their respective snapchats, plus a good friend or two with plenty of patience (I required multiple lessons). Here is a small play-by-play….






We’re working with Sam Branch Design to cultivate our brand presence ahead of our opening and we’ve been told countless times just how crucial our brand voice is to our success. Social media is no exception. Take a look at Ralph Lauren’s Instagram for example. It’s not just pictures of their products, it’s beautiful, eye-catching images representing the experience associated with their brand. …I want everything!

So as we filter, tweet, post, and (eventually) snap our way to L.C. Farmery’s opening, I can only hope I’ll join the cool kids as a social media master!

Time for a glass of wine….